Fri, 18th April   28089



Angel Garfield visits kids in London wearing full costume, April 08

The man is an angel.

OMG ; _ ;

Thu, 17th April   26829

Song: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



how i communicate

Ah, yes, the song of my people.

Wed, 16th April   1496


Atonement (2009) dir. Joe Wright

Wed, 16th April   2171


Vivien Leigh behind the scenes of Gone With the Wind

Wed, 16th April   7235

Tonight is going to be a Very Long Night and I am not emotionally prepared for the workload ahead.

Tue, 15th April   846

Song: White Nights
Artist: Oh Land
Album: Oh Land

White Nights | Oh Land

I am walking in my sleep
Living in a state in-between

summer camp // ghost train
way back in september
i boarded the train
neon lights guiding me
far from where i came
i know you can’t remember
how this came to be
that you and i would pass the hours
talking aimlessly

Tue, 15th April   1251


Grasslands of the Świsłocka Forest - Scorching June, 1938, Stanisław Żukowski

Tue, 15th April   7085
Tue, 15th April   1338

Ezra Koenig at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City (Photos by Leah Hogsten for The Salt Lake Tribune)

Tue, 15th April   1646

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983) Directed by Richard Marquand

Tue, 15th April   27

About a week ago my high school made a lip dub to show off our school spirit and to promote the Riley Dance Marathon (which is a fundraiser for a children’s hospital) and since it was posted over the weekend the video has become a somewhat-viral video. It’s been featured by almost every local news network where I live and it’s gained almost 40,000 views (at the time of this post, that is)!

I’m really proud to say that I got the opportunity to be in it (look for me very awkwardly dancing/running/sweating at around the 0:30 mark while I’m wearing a toy snake)! 

Mon, 14th April   4180
Mon, 14th April   110574